experiments in the periphery

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jorge gomez abrante, robert blatt and mark so

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1433 words; Circling 2017; occupied spaces (3) - jorge gomez abrante

Apollo Beach; Beach Bums; Bleachfield - 12 may 2017-; Bleachfield - a week among the trucks and the snakes; Books of Hours (nos. 1-3); CHANGE 7 (nos. 42, 44 and 49); Country Gardens (decomposition series); Cruisin' and playin' the radio; folio (decomposition series); gradients; I Love the Sea; In a large, open space (decomposition series); experiments in alternate reality; Interior Exterior; Lummus Park; manifold; nonrecording (2 performers pages 474-478 and 2009/4 by Manfred Werder); nonrecording (3 performers pages 140-141 and 146-148 by Manfred Werder); nonrecording (Parameters IX: The Obscure Moon Lighting An Obscure World by David Pocknee); Pop Music; Recording Series (Beach Bums) (selections, including videos and notebooks variously made with maya verlaak, ana lemnaru and jorge gomez); sheets; Summer's here and the time is right; the sound of several letters (nos. 1 and 2); The time will come when you add up the numbers; There arose a great tempest in the sea; Tombeau de Mr. Francisque Corbet (decomposition series); transcripts (26 iv 17 los angeles - 1 v from notebook/reading list by Mark So); witnessed in loss of slurred memory - robert blatt

lines; litanies; songs of the day and night - gesang III; twelve small preludes - eva-maria houben

Crystal Marys - feliz lucia molina

Moving, whole heart (notebook) - eileen myles

Parameters IX: The Obscure Moon Lighting An Obscure World - david pocknee

(from notebooks/reading lists); a book of palms; And a stab too at rearranging /The whole thing from the ground up.*; And it mounts, a serenade, to the surrounding love.*; arianna (monteverdi); BANGS (book made with manfred werder); Because you are this way where are you you are in my thoughts*; But the air stands in curtains, reigns //The body is what this is all about and it disperses //(Waterford explodes over flagstones.)*; City Afternoon*; FARM (nos. I, II and III)*; How do I know? I'm lost. It says its name. /The blue-black message at the end of the garden /Is garbled.*; I find that thinking these things divides us, /Brings us together. /(Tremendous amounts of spare time)*; In four places at once; in the city; Into Silence [readings 23] - The Poetics of Hearing in Experimental Music since Cage; JORGE GOMEZ; Just jungles really (please believe me) - readings 42*; Poem in Three Parts [readings 40]*; readings 54; ROBERT BLATT; shore distance*; swept out into the world*; tarpaulin*; the luster of unsupported things (apartments we live in)*; The Recital - readings 51* (and transcript of first recording-reading phases); They are bringing the plants back /One by one /In the interstices of heaven, earth and today.*; The year subsides into clouds*; Thought you knew the area (De Imagine Mundi)*; To avoid possible boredom and the stain /Of too much intuition the whole scene /Is walled behind glass.*; Today the directions arrive from many separated realms /Conjoining at the place of a bare pedestal.*; UNDER THE PALMS with Manfred; We* *[from the Ashbery series] - mark so

A Few Tones (for Pauline Oliveros) - jacob sudol

In a large, open space - james tenney

Immaterial: a collection of compositions - jason thomas

A Handful of Dust; Decline and Fall - evelyn waugh

2 performers (pages 527-530, 532 and 533); 3 performers (pages 140-150); 2010/4; traces/polaroids (from month-long performances: pieces from the Ashbery series by mark so; htps by lo wei; 2016/0; 2017/0; et al.) - manfred werder

1 experience; for example /so what to do with these? - istvàn zelenka

organized by inlets foundation for experimental practices with the support of the miami-dade county department of cultural affairs and the cultural affairs council, the miami-dade county mayor and board of county commissioners, audiotheque, south florida composers alliance and the betsy south beach.